How To Make Slime Easy

About Mo and How To Make Slime Easy
Mo first began using slime as a pre-teen playing with Nickelodeon's Gak. If you remember Gak you know that it was the first slime made popular for kids. She also enjoyed playing with craft toys like sewing machines, stencils, friendship bracelets, embroidery patches, painting with paints, you name it! Crafting is what Mo does! Now, she's making slime online with the first true website dedicated to helping others make slime and providing the best recipes to all your favorite slimes.
How To Make Slime Easy is a online place to find all of your favorite slime recipes. We teach you how to make every slime in an easy way. We are constantly adding new slime recipes on a daily and weekly basis so check back often to find more of your favorite slimes. There’s much more we want to add to the How To Make Slime Easy website so stay tuned!
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