How To Make Slime Easy

How to Make Cracked Egg Slime Recipe

How To Make Slime Easy


Cracked Egg slime is a realistic looking food slime. This Cracked Egg slime recipe is simple and easy to make. If you ever wanted to buy this popular slime in your favorite online slime shop but couldn’t, you can make your own cracked egg slime with only a few cheap ingredients.

how to make cracked egg slime recipe

What You'll Need To Make This Cracked Egg Slime Recipe

1 bottle of  clear School grade PVC glue (polyvinyl-acetate)

1 bottle of  white School grade PVC glue (polyvinyl-acetate)

Activator (2 teaspoon of borax and 1 cup water)

White Daiso clay

Baby oil

Yellow food coloring

Cracked Egg Slime Recipe

How to Make Cracked Egg Slime Recipe

Tips to keep in mind when making cracked egg slime recipe

There are simple tricks to making your slime less sticky. Don’t throw your slime out just because it’s sticky.

Adding water, adding glue, and even adding more activator can fix a sticky slime.


Did you know?

Slime toys are a good way to relieve stress and boredom for kids, teens, and even adults.! Have fun!